Monitoring Line-In while recording and monitoring mono source to stereo

Title says it all.

Let’s say I’m recording a speech and the source is mono.

  • When it’s recording, I can’t “monitor” in my speakers… HOW DO I DO THIS.
  • When I play the mono recorded audio, it will play only on one side. How do I monitor in a way I can hear mono in both out channels?

What I want is a combination of these two - record mono with the ability to monitor “as” stereo as it goes on the fly. And if I play the audio, the same thing.

Is it possible?

Both of those are not only possible, but a very common use case. Make sure “Ardour Does Monitoring” is selected in the appropriate option menu should take case of the first point. The second point suggests something odd in your patching, make sure that if a track only has one output, it is patched to both sides of your master bus(Or monitor bus if using one).