Monitoring level not visualized on track

I’m a bit stuck with a simple Ardour thing.
The monitor visualization of my track are always on input monitoring, I mean I always see what happens on the input level signal even if I’m playing back without recording. If I disable the input track I won’t see anything.
I tried to restart Ardour.
I tried to play with Auto Input.
I tried di disconnect input track.
In my options I have “Audio hardware does monitoring” disabled and “ardour does monitoring” enabled.

I can hear the tracks but I cannot see the monitoring.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance


Directly below the level visualization is a button that probably says “input”. If you click on this button, it will toggle from “input” to “pre” and then “post” then back to “input”. As you toggle this button, the level visualization will indicate either the input(s) level, the pre-fader level, or the post-fader level. I do not think this is affected by the setting of the “Audio Hardware does monitoring” or “Ardour does monitoring” options.

I hope I have interpreted your question right, and this is helpful.


yes, very helpful. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: