Monitoring in Ardour (Digi003)

I have a Digi003 Rack interface plugged into my Thinkpad T420 running Debian 9 GNOME. Ardour does record with the Digi003. However, real time monitoring seems to be an issue. Maybe I don’t have it set up right. I have never used Ardour. I’ve been using Pro Tools since 2008.

I chose to use external gear to monitor because I figured that the 003 could handle monitoring for minimum latency. Am I wrong in assuming this? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Using hardware for monitoring is something you set up outside of Ardour (Ardour’s only role is to be told “do not monitor”). That means you would needs tools to adjust the hardware mixer on the 003. I don’t know if they exist or if they ones that do exist can alter the hardware in the way you need to. The obvious basic tool for this is alsamixer (a command line tool), but there may be something that specifically targets the 003.