Monitoring for practice

I often use ardour to assist in practice or to experiment with different improvised parts. In the pre 2.0 versions of ardour, I would just arm a track and hit play and I could use ardour to practice difficult sections of music, improvise etc using ardour as my amp. At an point I could then hit the main record and see how I’m doing by recording a sample.

Now, if I arm a track and hit play, the track goes silent. This must be something easy to do, but I haven’t been able to grasp it yet. I want to use the ardour mixer because that is where I hook up various effects, and then to be able to just hit record is a click away.


Is your track out always plugged to the master track ?
(it happened to me yesterday, I just had to re-plug the track to get sound)

is this perhaps to do with the smart-monitoring (i think that is what it is called, don’t have ardour here) feature? there is a button in the toolbar for this. it basically turns monitoring on and off depending on various factors. sometimes i like it, sometimes i have to turn it off.


I’ll keep looking, I’m not seeing a button for this. Are you referring to Ardour 1.x perhaps?