Monitoring and delay while synced to Renoise


Im trying out Ardour now, and I really like it, but there is one thing I cant figure out. I use jack to sync to Renoise. I can record from Renoise into Ardour by connecting the Renoise output via QJackCtl to Ardour input. I can also monitor the signal from Renoise via Ardour (I disconnect the signal that goes directly from Renoise to System out). But when I playback a recorded track and monitor at the same time, the two signals are not in sync.

My guess is that there is latency when recording, and that the monitored signal always bypass this delay somehow. But what I want to do is monitor the signal exactly as it will sound when recorded, that is with the same latency. Is this possible?

Thanks for the help.

My frames per period value is 1024. I tried setting input latency to this value, but I had the same problem. Also tried setting output latency to 1024, and both input and output to 1024.

I also did the same thing with Hydrogen instead of Renoise without success.

Lowering frames per period makes it a bit better, gives a flanging sound instead of a unsynched sound.

Ardour 2.8.6 build 6550
Jackd 0.118.0
QJackCtl 0.3.4

I have tried to reproduce this workflow with jack1, hydrogen and ardour. You will probably have what you are looking for if you tell jack that there is an input latency (qjackctl setup). Put as many frames as the “frames per period” value and try again. Please, tell the jack and ardour versions when you report back.

I guess that you are using a relatively high period value. If you were using a low vale, like 64 or 128, you wouldn’t realise.

I hope Paul sheds some light :slight_smile: