Monitor Section

Ardour has long had the option to use a "Control Outs" bus, but this design was never very well thought out, nor really adequate for professional use. In Ardour 3.0, we have added a new "Monitor Section" that is modelled on the similarly-named component of many large-format mixing consoles. This provides an additional output pathway for use in situations where the main outs of Ardour do not connect to the monitors used for mixing, and also offers many useful features for this type of configuration:

the monitor section

  • A single location to check on the current status of soloing, solo isolation, and auditioning
  • Controls for Solo-In-Place, AFL or PFL
  • Controls for exclusive solo mode, and solo-override-mute
  • Controls to adjust the Solo Boost level (0dB by default), Solo-In-Place cut (-∞ dBFS by default) - see the new solo controls for details on these and the previous items.
  • Dim cut control which controls how much of a gain reduction is applied to a dimmed channel
  • Per channel cut/dim/solo/mute controls
  • Global dim/mono/mute/phase invert button (for all monitor channels)
  • Global volume control (for all monitor channels)


I’m working on several pieces of music. In one of the them the mixer window shows the minotor section (pfl,afl, mono etc). This is very useful and I don’t know how I got it. In all my other sessions, the monitor section is absent. I can’t seem to find where this is activated.



Thanks a million !