Monitor record tracks?

How do I monitor record tracks as they are being recorded, preferably with any effects used on that track?

@audiodef: Options -> Monitoring -> Ardour does monitoring

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Thanks, Paul. Switching to this, I notice a metallic reverb when monitoring vocals on a record-armed track. Did I miss something that’s supposed to prevent this?

I’m assuming this is a latency issue to be fixed in JACK. Which latency setting should I adjust?

If you have a metallic reverb that you didn’t insert, this sounds like you are monitoring through multiple sources then, not just through Ardour and are getting a phasing problem.


+1 at what seablade says.

There has to be more than one audio signal (or source) to get that short delay effect, you hear one and then the next one a few ms after.

60 yrs ago you would be discovering/inventing delay or some cheesy reflection reverb, unfortunately you didn’t :smiley:

No, just through Ardour. I want to monitor a vocal track with software effects, so I had my hardware monitor zeroed. But maybe I’m hearing multiple monitors through Ardour. I’ll have to check my JACK connections carefully.

I don’t THINK if you were double monitoring a track/bus inside JACK/Ardour you would have this type of latency effect (someone correct me if wrong) but I’ve had this type of issue myself and all I get as a result is louder signals but no phasing/delaying sounds.


You would be incorrect there in many cases, especially all those involving busses. But it depends on the exact setup how noticeable it is of course.


If you can’t see what might be happening, you can post up your jack routing jack_lsp -c surrounded by <PRE> and </PRE> tags and we can attempt to help see what your issue is. If it isn’t in jack, it would likely still be in hardware somewhere obviously.


Yes, I was later thinking after my post that maybe a lot of busses (+ FX) in a chain would for sure add some latency compared to a clean or direct bus even if both inside the same sound engine…

Thank you very much! I was looking for the same.