Monitor Level Key Binding

Is there a shortcut key to control the monitor level in the monitor section? Also it seems the key binding for the monitor section that are already setup only only work when my mouse is over that section of the interface. Is this normal behavior for a key binding? I’m using window 10. Thanks.

Ardour has “structured” keybindings. Some are global, some are specific to a particular window or context. The bindings for the monitor section are used only when keyboard focus is given to the monitor section (typically by the mouse being present there). There are no global bindings for the monitor section.

Ok that makes sense. Thanks @paul

Hi, if you have a midi controller you can create a midi map (xml), the right uri is “/route/gain monitor” If you need it in only one project, you can use midi learn.

Thanks @Piermarco_Lunghi. Unfortunately I don’t currently have a midi controller. What I do have is an old Griffin PowerMate. It’s built-in functionality works with keyboard shortcuts not midi. Doing a quick web search looks like some people have gotten them to work with midi though, so might have to look into how to do it.

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