Monitor Bus in version 3


I’m afraid I’ve either not read the release notes correctly or the monitor bus option does not exist in the beta releases of Ardour 3 for OSXCould anyone please enlighten me?

P.S. A very big thanks to all the devs! What a wonderful piece of software. I truly wish that our industry would adopt Ardour on a larger scale. Again, thank you!


Where are you looking for it (and not finding it) ?

I thought it would be in the “show me more options” ( can’t think of exact wording) at the start of session dialog.

I’m usually very diligent about finding these things without bothering or crowding forums, so I apologize if it’s something obvious.

Looking through manual now, again, and reading that the option is in the Audio Tab in Prefs… heading into studio in a bit. I will obviously feel stupid for missing it. I do feel as if I scoured that area, but alas …

Session>Properties - Monitoring Tab. Check box - Use monitor section for this session

Thank you! The manual I have pointed me to Preferences/Audio