...monitor a individual track through my headphones?

I’m using Mixbus just for live sound reinforcement purposes. No recording at all. I’m utilizing about 8 tracks.I have six of those tracks rec-enabled and fed to the master bus>M-Audio software inputs 1&2 > main outputs for house system. How do i monitor the remaining two track that are not in rec-enabled mode to my headphones. I want to hear the vocals before I bring it into the mix. Should’nt there be a button on the mixer strip to monitor an individual track to the headphone for pre-mix listening? Headphone monitoring on my audio interface can be done through either software inputs 1&2 or 3&4. My headphones are utilizing software inputs 3&4.

My audio interface is the M-Audio Firewire 610.
Mac OSX snow leopard 10.6

Well a couple of things, if you aren’t recording at all, I would suggest using Busses instead of tracks. Second thing is I would say probably the easiest way to do this is to dedicate a mixbus to this purpose, and just use the assignment or not into the mixbus as the solo switch. Then remove the Mixbus from the Master bus, and utilize the direct out of it to route to your hardware outputs(To access these go to the Track/Bus Inspector under the Window menu). Technically I believe this is possible in Ardour using a control room bus, but I don’t think that exists in Mixbus intentionally.


Brilliant Idea SeaBlade! Why didn’t I think of that? Then again, I wouldn’t connect with the brilliant minds here in the forum.

Thanks a lot! I’ll give it a try…

It can’t work Blade!..i need to assign the signal level to the buss before the fader. The bus assignments on the track strip assigns the signal to the bus after the fader. I need to monitor the track before the fader level when the fader control is at its minimum level 0.

Wait a minute!..I figured it out. I can create a pre-fader direct send for each track and route the signals to the M-audio software input 3&4. The only inconvenience now is the awkward way of having to activate the send in the pre-fader direct. There must be a short-cut way to activate a pre-fader direct send.


If you are using a three button mouse, the MIDDLE mouse button will activate and deactivate any redirect be it a send, insert, or plugin.