Molnar Realtime Patched Kernel??

Has anyone gotten this to work? Been trying for the last two days to get my arch-linux running with a recent kernel with Ingo Molnars RT patches, which should get me down to about 1.3ms latency (xrun free). Any luck with this?

Yihhaa! It works. I succesfully compiled 2.6.18 with Ingo Molnar’s patchset. Awesome. I can get down to 0.8ms of latency without any glitches or xruns. Maybe I could go even lower, but this is already so much better than with the windows driver of my Delta1010…
Going even lower would definetely generate too much context switching overhead. If anyone needs instructions on this, feel free to ask.
To everyone on the ardour and jack development team: You simply rock!!

Sounds good. I would be interested in a guide on how
to get that working. I run a kernel with a Con Kolivas
patch and i cannot get to the latency you mention.

Do you have such a guide or a link to it ?
Can you post it here ?


Good paper about the whole realtime stuff under 2.6.X kernels:

Here are the instructions that I based my comiling and stuff on:

Ingo Molnars Patchset can be found here:

If you run into any problems, just ask. Look at the dmesg output of the kernel when booting, there’s a few options that slow down RT performance, but the kernel will tell you, if you have any of them activated.

Hey Kungfoo,

Thanks for the docs. reading right now.
I’m gonna try to set things up this week and i’ll
let you know if/how things work.