modular group templates

I guess this could go into the “wish list” bucket… modular templates for groups of tracks/busses.

Instead of saving the entire console as a template, just select an existing group, or manually selected tracks and busses. Then save group template for the selection.

This could enable us to add the modular template under ‘add new track’.

Use case examples -

Guitar cabinet mics - 2 close mics, 1 room mic routed to a summing bus

Acoustic guitar - a pickup or transducer, close mic and a room mic, routed to a summing bus

Bass guitar - raw DI, amp DI, cabinet mic, routed to a summing bus

I’m sure people could find more applications for a feature like this.

Thanks for reading.

Feature requests go in the tracker ( They will just be lost if written about here. Of course, filing them in tracker doesn’t really increase the chance of them being implemented, but they stop that chance from being more or less zero.

To be fair, the forum can be a better place to get a quick explanation why a proposed feature cannot or will not be implemented for some perfectly good reason that may not be obvious if you’re not a developer. Also it’s better place to canvas other users for their opinions.
I understand that if a feature request is not in the tracker, it’s not going to happen, but posting things in the tracker doesn’t typically get a quick response, unless perhaps it’s a bug report of a real show-stopper.

All excellent points.