Modify MIDI velocity?

Folks, I need to modify the velocity of the whole MIDI track.
Instead doing the sections one by one, is there a way to modify them altogether?
In the screenshot below, I selected all the peaks I need to lower. But if I click in any segment between two peaks, I only lower that particular section, not the whole section.
How to? Thank you.

the only way to change velocity at present: switch to internal edit mode, select notes, use the scrollwheel to alter the velocity. you do have a scrollwheel, don’t you? :slight_smile:

Remember: velocity is a property of each individual note. It is not a continuously valued “curve” but a discrete set of points that coincide precisely with the note on and note off events. It isn’t even remotely close to a continuous controller (CC) which represents a “voice parameter” and is effectively a curve with no particular relationship to the notes.

maybe off topic, sorry if it is: @paul: is there a way to change velocity of notes in a MIDI track just like one can change fader automation of an audio track in the “touch” mode? Thanks, and MX times thanks for Ardour, mainly, as said MX times before!!

This is incorrect. You cannot past velocity - it is a per-note property. You are pasting automation/CC data for the “volume” controller. It may have the desired effect (it often does), but it is absolutely not the same thing. If you select only MIDI notes, then you are not selecting CC data as well. If you want to copy a region with both note data and CC data, then make a region and copy/paste that as desired.

I just discovered that I can also copy-paste the velocity to another section within the region. Fabulous.
Now I have a question: I noticed that when I paste a selection I did, the velocity is not copied as well.
Is there a way to copy “as a block” the region with its velocity so not to have to modify it every time?
Thank you

Hi there. It worked, good.
I just specify for somebody who might have my same problem, that you have to click on the peak, the red dot to talk basically, and moving them up or down while holding the ctrl pressed. I was clicking on the segment between two peaks and I could only move that specific section, not the whole selected part in the track.

Hi Lilith. The fader is already automized. The fact is I have to decrease the volume of all the track, and for doing this I have to act on the automation of the MIDI notes. To avoid adjusting each note velocity, I want to select them all and lower them together. I will try holding the ctrl + left mouse as you wrote.

Ok…then change into edit mode, mark them all and just lower them.

Do you want to automize the fader of the midi track? You can always select several automation points with Ctrl + left mouse key and modify them alltogether.

Or (easier) you could adjust the midi note velocity itself and copy paste the modified midi region.

Paul, I also vote for this option: to be able to draw a curve or a linear over a time section, where the MIDI notes will pick up the velocity at that exact spot. This way, it is possible to make crescendos on MIDI notes (or drums!). IIRC this is a feature I used a lot in Cubasis back in the time where screens were still black&white…

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