MOD Devices plugins in ardour

Does anyone know if the MOD devices plugins with work in ardour with their updated GUI of many of the Linux open source plugins that are available but have no GUI. I spoke to them and I was givin a link to the files but I always assumed the lv2 plugins needed a .iso file to work but I don’t see them in the files and I didn’t bother with trying to see if they would work.

Source and plugins area


The LV2 plugins themselves work [1] but the GUI don’t. Those are specific to the MOD [2], and the MOD GUI design is not free.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of plugins that come with the MOD are those that you likely already have from your GNU/Linux distribution (arty-fx, caps, guitarix, x42, zam-audio) or can get from respective vendors (overtoneDSP).

[1] The binaries that MOD ships are for ARM CPUs (like RaspberryPi), but you can compile them for intel CPU just fine.

[2] falktx has a project to bridge those GUI so that they work with desktop hosts, but last I checked it was just a proof-of-concept.

Oh ic. I really liked that they offered decent looking GUI for many of the plugins I use that just have sliders. I always dreamed of knowing how to add GUI to some of my favourite Linux plugins. Oh well. Sliders for now I guess. Maybe one day I’ll look into it.

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