Mobile Interface for Drum Recording - H4n?


Since I can’t record drums at home I need a mobile solution, and are looking for an audio interface working with my Ubuntu netbook. Ideally this would be 4 to 8 tracks at 96KHz with preamps (though I could use a mixer instead). As Linux user I’d like to give Ardour a try, but are confused about which hardware to buy. Any suggestions?

The Zoom H4n with two external mics is another idea. I read the old H4 can be used as interface, but I’d really prefer the newer one. Do you know if the H4n works with Linux/Ardour?


once tried to get the zoom h4n (the new zoom h4) to work with pulse, alsa and jack. it worked nearly out of box fox each. let you use the two external mic-inputs plus the integrated ones.
but i don’t know if it’s a good choice for drum-recording (quality of mic-preamps, limiter)…and only to mics (plus the stereo) for a complete drumset.

I don’t know how well your netbook will be able to handle 4-8 tracks of recording at once, you might be better off just doing overheads + bass drum, you can still get a pretty decent sound.
I’m not very up to date on the hardware but I’m using an Edirol Ua-1000 which can record 10 tracks at a time and is supported since the 2.6.35 kernel. It works wonderfully and is very compact, it even has 4 mic-preamps built in,