Mobile Control Software for Ardour

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I have found myself wanting/needing a mobile control for Ardour while tracking. Like a lot of folks, I record and perform my own stuff, so I am often on one side of “studio” while my computer is on the other side. I think once upon a time there was an app called “airdour” that did this but I think the project got dropped. What kind of programming knowledge would someone need to develop an app like this for either iOS or Android? Also, would anyone be down to collaborate? I think it would a tool that a lot of people would appreciate!

There are a variety of remote controls applications out there already. The easiest is to use OSC along with some OSC control app (touchOSC, lemur, etc…). Some example touchOSC mappings are available from Ardour’s Source Tree.

As for dedicated applications, there is e.g., and Open Stage Control also has an Ardour mapping…

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@drsaamah to answer your other question: In general you do not need extensive programming skills to remote control ardour, but the sky’s the limit. Ardour can be extensively remote controlled via OSC. See

A quick start: enable Ardour > Preferences > Control Surfaces > OSC and then in a terminal window run

oscsend osc.udp://localhost:3819 /transport_play
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Ah, thank you thank you. I’ll be giving this a try before the day is up. Appreciate it, @x42!