MMC Behaviour - can it be changed?

Hi all,

I am new hear and just getting into Ardour/Mixbus2. I am really loving it.

I am building my self a little controller for Mixbus2, all though you can map CC to the transport controls, which is genius! I have also been playing with the MMC commands.

not sure to what benefit either will give right now, any thoughts much welcome.

One thing I have noticed is that if you send FWD or REW MMC commands, the play head will continue in the direction until a STOP is sent…

I am just wondering, if it was easy to get Mixbus2 to move a specified amount ( ie one bar or 10secs for example) when a single FWD or REW MMC command is sent and stop?

Just curious,


No. MMC commands are standard and their behavior is specified in the MIDI spec. MMC Rewind and MMC FF both move transport in the appropriate direction ‘at the maximum possible speed’. So having it skip 10 sec and stop would break the spec. Instead what you should do there is use the keybindings to jump by bar, etc. most likely. It might be worth considering allowing for more flexibility in as far as what can be bound by MIDI, I can’t remember if this was considered for A3 or not in my conversations with Paul.



The ability to map CC to transport controls, as we can now, that would never disappear though correct?

Also currently in Mixbuss2 I can not map CC to the on/off buttons in the channel strip, for example send on/off. eq on/off, dynamics on/off etc

would this be available in the very near future?

Id really love to be able to map to every function ideally,

thank you Seablade


You would be best emailing Harrison on that one, can’t answer that one sorry.