Mixing with Inserts

Hello all,

I have a question regarding inserts. Is there a way to process a region that has already been tracked through a piece of outboard gear and print the result onto the same track? As it stands, if I track a vocal onto a channel, “Vox”, and then after the fact I place an insert on that channel strip running to an outboard compressor, I can monitor/playback the vocal track through the compressor but it wouldn’t be there if I go to export nor would I be able to use the compressor for a different track if I wanted.
My current workaround has been to create an additional track, e.g. “Vox w Comp”, and instead of using an insert I would disconnect “Vox” from the main buss and have it run out the hardware output and then use the return from the compressor as the input to “Vox w Comp”. It works fine I was just wondering if there was a faster or more efficient way to accomplish the same task.

And as always, thank you to Paul and Robin and any other contributors. I can’t imagine my life without Ardour. Coming home and recording every night is pretty much all I look forward to. You guys rock.

Nobody has an answer or is my phrasing unclear? Not trying to be rude, but I’m trying to simplify my work flow and the number of unneccessary tracks I have in each session, hah.

If you want to use faster-than-realtime export (the default), you have to print the result of the outboard compressor’s processing to a new track.

But you can also do realtime export, which would avoid the requirement to print.

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Thank you so much, Paul. I didn’t realize real-time export was an option. I’ll try that out when I get back to studio after work.