Mixing with Inserts

(Saam R Sany) #1

Hello all,

I have a question regarding inserts. Is there a way to process a region that has already been tracked through a piece of outboard gear and print the result onto the same track? As it stands, if I track a vocal onto a channel, “Vox”, and then after the fact I place an insert on that channel strip running to an outboard compressor, I can monitor/playback the vocal track through the compressor but it wouldn’t be there if I go to export nor would I be able to use the compressor for a different track if I wanted.
My current workaround has been to create an additional track, e.g. “Vox w Comp”, and instead of using an insert I would disconnect “Vox” from the main buss and have it run out the hardware output and then use the return from the compressor as the input to “Vox w Comp”. It works fine I was just wondering if there was a faster or more efficient way to accomplish the same task.

And as always, thank you to Paul and Robin and any other contributors. I can’t imagine my life without Ardour. Coming home and recording every night is pretty much all I look forward to. You guys rock.