Mixing in Mono

Can anyone tell me how I switch the master bus to mono for mixing?

…or use a plugin, that can be bypassed: e.g. https://github.com/x42/stereoroute.lv2/releases which also has a parameter to configure how to downmix.
The monitor section in Ardour uses “equal amplitude” the sum is attenuated 1 / (number of channels), for stereo -6dB.

The downside of using a plugin on the master strip or changing the stereo-width in panner: You need to undo this before export, or risk accidentally exporting the mono version…

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Thanks leatuspenguin and x42

Sorry to warm this up,

I have x42 stereoroute in my lv2 pluginfolder, but Ardour does not show it in the Pluginlist.

I only see the x42 compressor, peak limiter and parametric equalizer.

Running Linux Mint 19.2 with KXStudio repos and Ardour 5.12

Any Idea?

In Ardour 5.12, check under “Utils” (checkbox option in the plugin-manager) – or search by Author.

In any case , if this is only for audition (not mixing), the preferred option is to use http://manual.ardour.org/ardours-interface/the-monitor-section/

Session>Properties>Monitoring>Use monitor section in this session ------> Mono (button)


Searching by Author did the trick, thank you

Now THIS is ACE … thanks a lot @cooltehno … I always prefer build in tools over plugins if possible.