Mixing and Matching IDE/SATA

I currently have an IDE drive for the OS (with swap), an IDE drive for /home and an 80 gig SATA for data. I am replacing the 80 gig with two 160 gig SATA (they are also faster, 3gb/sec). I plan to split the two 160’s up via Ardour.

My question: Should I put swap on the SATAs since they are much faster? I have 2 gig of ram, I don’t think I hit swap much usually with what I have been doing (AMD 4200+).


best place for the swap partition i would say is where your /home is, you want your data drives to be able to push audio data to disk with as little interruption as possible. You are right though that swap is not essential: if your RAM runs that low you start having other problems! I had disabled swap on my computer (with 1GB ram) and didn’t know for quite a while. The only thing that didn’t work properly was compiling ardour! S/o on IRC pointed me to /proc/swap and i could fix my build problem!