Mixing advice for a pop ballad?


I’ve spent a few months with Ardour now and recorded a couple of tracks for my demo. This is a kind of jazzy pop ballad about heartbreak and home foreclosure:

I’m looking for advice on where to go with mixing/mastering now. I haven’t done much with this track other than set levels and add a little compression. I’ve tried reverb and EQ on the drums and vocals, tube amp emulator on the vocals, and various levels of compression but I can’t seem to find anything that definitively improves the sound. I’m going for a natural sound as opposed to something very produced, so I don’t think the track is that far from where I want it to be, but I’d like to hear some suggestions on how it can be improved. The drum sound is probably limited by my mics (I’m using two SM58’s as overheads and a kick mic), but I’d like to know if there’s anything I can do to improve it in mixing.


really nice organ, is it a real B3 ? Like when it start to turns faster around 1:50 !!

Maybe you can panpot more the choirs, have less cymbals on some shots, but that’s personal taste…

This bzzz on organ appears to need to be fix (earthground ? maybe found the precise frequency with analizer and appli a strong negative EQ with hard Q on it) , that’s what CD listenning do to our ears : we can’t any bzzz no more !!!

Nice job, BRAVO !

Hi, the track is good and sounds good too, but I think that overall the vocals are too high, both lead and backing, and maybe they both need some more compression and panning, and a bit more reverb but not shure about this last thing. I’m no pro anyway it’s just a suggestion…

Hey 7infinity

I have done some mastering on your great song and to me it sounds like it is ready for mastering.
If you wish to hear mail me :



Hey, thanks everyone.

The organ is my Nord Electro 2. It does a pretty much perfect B3 emulation.

I’m not sure what you mean by the buzz though? Maybe it’s hum from the bass guitar?

I’ll try taking down the vocals a bit and see how that plays. And there are two votes for more pan on the vocals so I’ll try that too.

Really nice emulation !

It could be strong hum from bass yes ! Why not muting the track when bassman don’t play ?