Mixing a Live Recording

Hi, this is a first pass at mixing a live recording of my band using Ardour 3.0beta2: http://soundcloud.com/smnwail4u/alive-in-the-pubic-triangle/s-VThfA

Any comments or suggestions would be gratefully received.


How was this recorded?
If it was just a stereo pair of microphones (or just a single one) at the mixing board there’s probably not much you can do to improve it. Perhaps see if you can cut some low mid to remove the slight rumble and perhaps boost the high frequencies to add some “sparkle”.

If it was multitracked you should work with the EQ to bring out each instrument a bit more and try to separate the instruments a bit.

@moogmusic: Just given this a listen, I thought it would be interesting to put it through our latest plugin (The linuxDSP PEQ-2A - Pultec EQ) - appying some bass boost and attenuation together at 30Hz gives the low-end a lot more punch, and due to the way these types of EQ’s behave, also dips the low mid-range (as peder suggested) which tightens up the bass at the same time. For the top, I was able to add a boost with a 10K peak (wide bandwidth) which gives it more presence, and then tame the top-end using the HF Atten - also at 10K to remove some of the harshness from the guitar. I’d recommend you give it a try (it certainly made a big difference on the quick test I did) and if you have a multi-track recording you will have greater flexibility to treat individual tracks separately (obviously I had to work with the mp3 -> wav). Obviously a lot depends on the sound you are trying to achieve, and you may find other ways to get the same result, but I thought it would be useful to mention.

Thanks for the ideas, I’ll have a go. I’ve tweaked the levels and stereo field a little. I dod have a multi-track recording so EQing is next on my list of jobs.