Mixer window doesn't display

Everything has been fine until now. The mixer window won’t come up. The edit window is there, the tune plays all tracks but no mixer/mixbus window. I click on Window > Show mixer…nothing.

Sorry, I’ve been away. Thanks a bunch! Got my mixer back by your method in WIN 7 John E. Kind of like the mix I had goin. Glad I didn’t have to send it out somewhere else. Thanks!

Like Seablade said, your mixer window is probably getting displayed on some non-existent monitor. If your OS is Windows 7 you’ll see two icons on your taskbar (slightly overlapped). One is the editor and one is the mixer. Hover over them and aome thumbnails should pop up. Right-click on the mixer thumbnail and select “Move”. Now use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move the mixer window into view.

The process is similar but slightly different in Windows XP. You’ll see two separate ‘buttons’ on the taskbar and you need to figure out which one is for the mixer window (I don’t think XP shows you any popups IIRC). Once you know which is the correct button it’s the same process. Right-click it, select ‘Move’ then move the mixer window into view using your keyboard’s arrow keys.

What OS? Mixbus or Ardour? etc.

My first impression is make sure you don’t have it minimized somewhere or on a seperate screen that no longer exists, but really this is very dependant on the above to start with, and more questions after that(For instance if Linux what WM, etc.)