Mixer True Bypass mode

I use a Tascam USB 16x8. Tascam just added a new feature to the control panel for the unit called “Mixer True Bypass”.

Does anyone here know what this setting may do? Not much on Tascam’s site.

Here is the driver change log mentioning the new feature being added, but there is no documentation on what it actually does:


I don’t have the device but the text “The input and output are now matched binary when bypassing the Mixer signal processing section” probably suggests that the signal that is seen at the input passes unchanged to the output and before this software update the signal got changed somehow when passing through the mixer.

This device has a built-in DSP, you can do mixes with individual track faders, compression/delay and such from right within the device’s control panel. Perhaps this update bypasses all that DSP software then? If so, I wonder if this would help with my latency issues. I’ll give it a shot.