Mixer Track Highlight for Control Surface

I just got a Behringer BCF2000. First of all, this works REALLY well, thank you devs for supporting this surface. The controls “out of the box” are perfect; I was very surprised that I didn’t even have to read the BCF manual let alone all of the device programming I was expecting! That said I have a couple ideas.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this is already an option or in development. When using a control surface it would be helpful to highlight the tracks in the edit and mix window that are currently linked to the surface. If this is already an option, it should be enabled by default.

A save-able GUI interface for control to function mapping would be helpful. I know with the General MIDI Controller you can map controls to functions pretty easily. If it is possible to wrap the more programmatic controls (like switching “paginating tracks” with the change preset function on the BCF) in an API it could be added to an interface that is programmable like the current General MIDI Controller but more powerful. It may not necessarily need a GUI, but any more complex, programmatic things would be hard to do without one. The amount of control surfaces that are used with Ardour would balloon and we could have many different implementations for any surface. I could see this getting pretty funky if most surfaces have silly idiosyncrasies…which I wouldn’t doubt.

Getting this surface working was very easy. It could be 100 times easier by simply detecting the BCF automatically when Ardour starts if the surface is enabled in ardour.rc, or detect it when the surface is enabled. Again, I expect this is already planned, coded or was at least an idea in some devs head.

Anyone tried upgrading the motorized faders on one of these? They feel like legos and sound like shit.

a lot of what you’re suggesting has already been implemented in ardour3. not all of it, but quite a lot of it.