MIXER global Post fader /PreFader/

Thanks a lot for your work , Ardor is GREAT!!!. If you could , in the future, I would need a new functionality in the mixer window: during recording I need to monitor input level, instead during mixing I need to observe channel output level or for example compressors real instantly gain reduction. I would like a button or a keyboard shortcut to switch ALL CHANNELS vu-meter between Post fader /Pre Fader/ Output/Custom. It could be better if Ardour could switch betwen custom combinations of them.

You can already do this: most mixer-strip controls (meter point, record enable, monitoring, etc.) will apply to all channels if you hold control+shift when clicking them.

Also, the meter point changes automatically to ‘Input’ when you record-enable a track, and will switch back to its previous state when to disengage record-enable, which is usually what you want. Of course, if you’ve manually changed the meter point to ‘Input’ on a track that’s not record-enabled, it will stay set to ‘Input’ regardless of the state of record-enable, until you manually switch it back.