Mixer channel effects chains option for alternative hotkeys

Before mentioning this I must state that I am probably not aware of all the hotkeys / actions and reasons for the two but…

Currently, in the mixer channel effects chains the way you open effect GUI windows is by having to double click on them.
To me opening up effect GUI windows is considered a very common action that seems a little strange to have to use a double click action each time to perform.
I would prefer to be able to just do a single LMB click to achieve this action if possible.
I can see that in Ardour this is done because a single click allows you to select the effect in the chain and also be able to select more than one effect at a time. This single click select especially is needed to be able to select a single effect and hit the delete button to remove it, so makes sense.

Again I don’t know all the hotkeys so the following may not be completely accurate just a rough layout, but maybe offering something similar to the following…

LMB = toggle effect GUI open / close
Alt + LMB = delete the single effect clicked on
Delete = delete key would still be availble to delete selected effects of course
Ctrl + LMB = allows user to be able to select single effect or remove the single selection, as well as still allowing the selection of more than one effect if desired
All other Shift and Ctrl options to select single and multiple effects I believe can stay the same

Another thing that is kind of part of this is also when the effect GUI window opens using the LMB toggle mentioned above, it should not open the effect window on top of that mixer channel, covering it. The user should be able to see / click on the effect in the effect chain again and be able to toggle it close as well, if that makes sense.

I apologize if there is already a way to change this, or if I am overlooking other reasons why this cannot be done.

Hopefully an alternative approach could be offered for users who desire this request above.
Of course allowing users to also be able to continue to use the current method for those who are already used to / prefer this double click approach.

Thank you for reading this and for considering adding this as an option, hopefully others will be interested.

Oh man was hoping for at least one response :slight_smile:
Am I right though that there is no option currently to change this action? I apologize if overlooked.

No real option to do so. The keybindings that exist don’t include modifying mouse actions, which adds a huge layer of complexity onto things.

One thing that is always considered when discussing user interaction is consistency across the interface. Now I haven’t thought about that in the topic of your suggestion in terms of how actions happen throughout Ardour’s interface yet, just bringing it up so that you can be aware there is more than just these actions that are discussed in such a change.