Mixer channel effects chains option for alternative hotkeys

Before mentioning this I must state that I am probably not aware of all the hotkeys / actions and reasons for the two but…

Currently, in the mixer channel effects chains the way you open effect GUI windows is by having to double click on them.
To me opening up effect GUI windows is considered a very common action that seems a little strange to have to use a double click action each time to perform.
I would prefer to be able to just do a single LMB click to achieve this action if possible.
I can see that in Ardour this is done because a single click allows you to select the effect in the chain and also be able to select more than one effect at a time. This single click select especially is needed to be able to select a single effect and hit the delete button to remove it, so makes sense.

Again I don’t know all the hotkeys so the following may not be completely accurate just a rough layout, but maybe offering something similar to the following…

LMB = toggle effect GUI open / close
Alt + LMB = delete the single effect clicked on
Delete = delete key would still be availble to delete selected effects of course
Ctrl + LMB = allows user to be able to select single effect or remove the single selection, as well as still allowing the selection of more than one effect if desired
All other Shift and Ctrl options to select single and multiple effects I believe can stay the same

Another thing that is kind of part of this is also when the effect GUI window opens using the LMB toggle mentioned above, it should not open the effect window on top of that mixer channel, covering it. The user should be able to see / click on the effect in the effect chain again and be able to toggle it close as well, if that makes sense.

I apologize if there is already a way to change this, or if I am overlooking other reasons why this cannot be done.

Hopefully an alternative approach could be offered for users who desire this request above.
Of course allowing users to also be able to continue to use the current method for those who are already used to / prefer this double click approach.

Thank you for reading this and for considering adding this as an option, hopefully others will be interested.

Oh man was hoping for at least one response :slight_smile:
Am I right though that there is no option currently to change this action? I apologize if overlooked.

No real option to do so. The keybindings that exist don’t include modifying mouse actions, which adds a huge layer of complexity onto things.

One thing that is always considered when discussing user interaction is consistency across the interface. Now I haven’t thought about that in the topic of your suggestion in terms of how actions happen throughout Ardour’s interface yet, just bringing it up so that you can be aware there is more than just these actions that are discussed in such a change.


Thank you for your response
I understand that their are things going on behind the scene.
Let me know what you think when you have had some time to give this topic some thought, if something like this would work / be considered to be offered.

Everyone just keep in mind that as mentioned this would be a secondary option to users, the current default approach would remain for users who use it.
This would just be an alternative option for those who do not desire the double click action to open up effect windows.

Again I understand why the decision was made for the double click but I have tested many DAWs over the years and this is the only one that requires a double click that I am aware of, which is why this post confuses me a little.

This thread has over 100 views and I find it a little strange that their has not been a single user in favor of it?
I am not expecting everyone to agree but strange that no one would prefer a single mouse click option?

Even the effect windows showing up on top of the effect buttons in the mixer. I understand the decision for doing this as well as it puts the effect window where the mouse is so users can make adjustments to the effect, but would be nice to have option to keep the effect chain visible, loading the effect window to the right of the mixer channel (or left if not enough room on right side). Allows user to be able to open up effect to view it but be able to click again to close it. No one desires an option for this either?

I often use programs that have very strange coding decisions that make no sense at all to me. Not the case here, both of these decisions that were made serve a purpose, I am just requesting options to be able to alter them a little for users who would prefer an alternative.

Thank You

The UI standard for most programs in the world is “single click selects” and “double click opens”.

If over 100 people have seen this thread and none has said “Great post, I’ve been wanting this for years too” then you’re probably in the minority.

Which DAWs allow you to open effects with a single click?

As for “the effect windows showing up on top of the effect buttons in the mixer” that depends on your system and settings.
In Linux it’s usually the window manager that decides the placement. That’s the case for me anyway; where the window ends up has nothing to do with where my mixer window is located when I double click the effect.

Ahh careful what you ask for.
Was kind of the point of my last response but thank you for pointing out that here I am the “minority”
Was just pointing out that I thought it was a little strange.

I apologize in my post above I meant to say this is one of the only ones I have come across, I have tested some that perform this way.
To get even more specific I was refering to software that I have tried in Windows based enviroment.
To get even more specific then this, funny thing is, noticed that DAWs / Music Production software that are cross platform seem to function in the way I am desiring (all but one that I have tested) and the Linux only based DAWs I have tested all use double click approach.
I can give a list of DAWs & other music production software (that can load plugins) to express my point but I try not to specifically mention other peoples software on developers forums unless I really have to (Even though I have read that it is ok to do here) But either way they do exist though which is why I was requesting the option for users who prefer this, but turns out I am the only one here who desires this in Ardour which makes me sad :frowning:

Anyways that is it :slight_smile:
Thanks Again

We specifically started using dbl-click-to-edit when we noticed other DAWs such as Logic doing this.

I’d really like to see a list of other DAWs and operations where a single click on something allows “internal” or “property” editing. As has been noted by others, “click-to-select, dbl-click-to-edit” seems to me be overwhelmingly common.

What is true is that in DAWs that have (nearly)-always-open property panels, then click-to-select will cause the selected thing’s properties to be visible and thus editable.

Thank you for your response
At the time lost faith on a lot of these posts, but since you did mention you would be curious of some programs that do use this approach I figured I could share some info.

Anyone who views this
Couple of refreshers, everyone remember that I am just suggesting this to be added as an option not a default. Also I am looking at the list of plugins in mixer channels more as buttons, likes icons in toolbars. In file managers I prefer double click to for example open files / folders.
In Ardour you hit buttons at the upper right of your screen to open Edit screen and Mixer screens, you also when in plugins can hit the button to change pin connectors, all these display what I am mentioning, they only require single clicks to open up a GUI based element, if that makes sense, anyways on to my list…

FL Studio
Mulab (has a button to toggle GUI)

Carla (Rack Mode)
ZRhythm (Only cross platform DAW that does not follow pattern of using buttons)

(As mentioned Linux only items seem to be the ones that don’t use buttons approach)

Anyways, hope this helps
Thank you again for your interest

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