Mixed with Mixbus - Moneda

I just finished a first version of this song, as far as it goes i like it, did all the mix within Mixbus, recorded also Lead guitar, bass and vocals in mixbus, base guitar, drums and synth was programmed in Live (W7), did it ALL today, from 9am to 7pm

Hope you enjoy it, this is a sort of first attempt to record a song with Single quality, please speak of anything you guys think could get improved to get to that goal.

Thanks or listening.

Maybe I’m nitpicking, but do you happen to have a link to your masterpiece? It’s so quiet here! :slight_smile:



Hey there fernesto!

I had a quick listen this morning, Great work! Must have been a busy day to get it all done this far. I really like the song structure and especially the guitar sounds, it is brave to play great lead guitar with such a clean tone :slight_smile: I like the groove too. Some things I think I would work on are the drum sound, the snare and kick are decent but the cymbals hats and upper kit pieces lack ‘sparkle’ and definition and there is kind of some muddiness going on with the whole mix, my guess is to cut things between 250-400HZ on the whole mix to clean up the lower mids a bit. Also the vocals are a bit out of tune in places, I like the tone of the voice and the expression but the tuning needs to be there too… the curse of being a vocalist :frowning:

Great work! keep at it and thanks for posting it.

Hi GMaq!

After i uploaded, indeed i found a lot of vocal problems so i decided to change a lot of things, this has been a lot more of work but i like it, i brougth the MIDI data to Linux which was one of the things i wanted to do in the first place, so i took them to Ardour3 and used Hydrogen to make the sounds and re-exported the drums on audio back to A3

After that i decided to do again the Synth, but this time i hated most of it, i sincerely do not know yet how to work with Synths so i faded it out a lot, now with new drums, new synth i recorded about 70% of the vocals again, i don’t think theyre totally ok but im not a vocalist anyway, all mixing and mastering was in Ardour this time, i hope you guys find it a better song than before.


sounds real good. how did you source it? on tape? digital?

i’m sorry, don’t know what you mean by “source it”, but from my point of view its basically a digital song, since drums were midi programmed but played by Hydrogen, using some really good user kits i’ve found (The Black Pearl v1.0, and Flac_GSCW-1 and 2) that are very good actual recordings, i still think of it as a digital song, however apart from the midi keyboard everything else was made analog style, lead guitar was recorded using a Twin Reverb 73 silver face with a cheap condenser microphone, bass was DI and vocals also using the same cheap condenser microphone.

while drums were played by hydrogen, i recorded them back to Ardour in several channels, basically Overheads in a stereo channel and every other piece in a single mono track, so then i could mix it all like it was actually played, i think that contributes a lot to get a credible sound.

Thanks for listening.