Mixbus videos

Does anyone have an opinion on the Mixbus instructional videos?
I see there are 2 of them now. I’m wondering how much overlap there is between them.


Hmm I didn’t realise the second one had already been publicly released.

There is some overlap, but not a whole lot. The first video(Intro to Mixbus) is a great introduction to Mixbus(And Ardour as well) that introduces basic functionality of Mixbus and how to use it. Its a great resource for both Ardour and Mixbus IMO.

The second video is much more a concentration on mix techniques, specifically using Mixbus and in pop/rock music. Will you get something out of it if you don’t mix pop/rock? Yes there are still some good things to glean, but not as much. This one does feel like more of a rush job, the quality of production isn’t as good as the first video but the content is still decent.

If you do want to mix pop/rock and don’t already have a workflow that works for you it can be a great resource to get you started as it teaches you a workflow that works for him. HOWEVER, and this is important and is mentioned in the video as well, you should develop your own workflow. There are more than a few decisions made in that video I would do differently, but the thing is, in sound there can be many right ways to accomplish something. Develop your own style and workflow, this will give you a starting point, but if you stay with just what you see in the video chances are you will never reach your full potential.

Now here is the thing. I think the Intro to Mixbus is a great reference for anyone using Ardour and/or Mixbus. I am considering having my students purchase the mixing pop/rock video so they can watch it as it is a decent introduction to mix techniques for pop/rock in general(Not great but decent). If you already have a workflow that works for you in mixing pop/rock, then it may or may not be worth it to pick this up. It can be useful to see how others approach the mix to see if your own workflow can be improved, but you might not like how he approaches it either, so to each their own.


Thanks a lot for your honest opinion.
I’ll check it out.