Mixbus - problem using buses

I’m enjoying using mixbus at a virtual mixer for Logic but I have a problem…
I am trying to use buses as input channels from Logic and it all works EXCEPT I can’t route audio from these to Mixbuses 1-4 (for submixing or reverb). The audio just gets routed to the Master bus…

If I use tracks as my inputs and arm them all it works as I would expect but I was hoping to be able to avoid having audio tracks armed if I’m not using the recording part of the program.

I hope this makes sense.
Is this a design feature or a bug?


Hmm I just checked it here, and am having no problems myself. Did you disable the send to the Master bus on the bus you created? It is a little blue ‘led’ right by the letters MSTR next to the pan control.


OK - found what I’m looking for.

If I go to the output routing for the bus and “disconnect” the Direct Output - I get the Mixbuses working as I want.
If I then repeat this I lose the Mixbuses again…

Now I know how to work around the problem.

If you route via jack into the Mixbusses(And yes using the direct outs like this will do that) then you won’t be able to route via the normal method provided by the Harrison DSP and GUI. This sounds like what happened in your case, and is intentional as far as I am aware.


It also happens if I route an audio track into the input of the bus I’ve created within Mixbus/Ardour - not involving Jack or Logic.

“Disconnecting” the output of the bus strip seems to toggle the behaviour of the strip between the sends being routed via the Mixbuses and the sends being routed to the Master Bus.

Anyway, it’s doing what I want it to do, I just have to set up a template…


It also happens if I route an audio track into the input of the bus I've created within Mixbus/Ardour - not involving Jack or Logic.

Chances are this DOES involve Jack actually. Pretty much all routing not handled by Mixbus’s specific DSP sends is in fact going through Jack.


It sounds like you are trying to route buses like you would a normal “DAW”. Mixbus does not work like this, we have replaced the bus summing so that it works more like an analog console. For example, on an analog console there is not an “input” to the buses that you must patch into from every track (that would be a lot of patch cords!). The only way to get into the group or master busses is to click on the button that assigns to the bus.

The JACK inputs to the 4 “Mix Buses” are sidechain inputs to the compressor. You can feed the sidechain from any JACK output port. The master bus inputs are ignored completely.

If you want to get sound from Logic into Mixbus, you should use the “Session->Add Track/Bus” item to create an input bus for every output from Logic (these can be mono or stereo). Then use the switches “1,2,3,4 and MSTR” on the input buses to assign to the Harrison summing engine.

If this still isn’t clear, feel free to write our mixbus support email.

Ben Loftis
Harrison Consoles

Hi Guys.
Im still tying to figure out how to rout logic 9 pro in to mixbus. Unfortunately I have dyslexia. What is the simplest way to do this?