Mixbus plugis unusable

when I try to use plugis with mixbus i just get a lot of static. the worked like a dream when I was using ardour.

Is there a problem having them both installed?

Static happens both with original content and music recorded with ardour

Mixbus uses a lot more CPU than Ardour - adding extra plugins may be enough to overload an underpowered system. Make sure you are not running out of CPU and getting x-runs, or try increasing JACK buffer sizes (latency) and see if that improves the problem.

I’ve had some problems like this, the sound was like “stretched”, when I use Mixbus with their Gverb plug, when working at 96 khz, and when I decrease my samplerate to 48 khz, I have no problem, both with my Core2 duo laptop and my Pentium4 ( 3,0 Ghz working in 64 bits ). I think this kind of “old” computer is too slow to work with a lot of tracks with Mixbus at high frequencies. There is some plugs yet into Mixbus, with latency compensation, it makes the computer work very hard !
How much tracks do you work with ? and what is the capabilities of your computer ? Are you working at high frequency scaling ?
Anyway, like LeatusPenguin said, the Harrison’s customer support is very reactive, and they will be happy to help you I think.

I incresed my Jack buffer size. latency has increase but is still not a problem and it has made a huge differnance. Thankyou linuxdsp for the suggestion.