MixBus - no master output

Newbie to Ardour and MixBus, I purchased and installed MixBus yesterday and used it all day without a problem. Today it will not pass audio to my MacBook Pro (hardware V6,2 – running MacOSX 10.6.7) built-in output. I tried both launching JackPilot and using the aggregate audio device I made specially for MixBus. On close inspection I see that audio is making it all the way to but not including the Master Output section of the Mixer. I see meter activity in all expected areas except for the Master output meter. It’s as if the Master Output is muted. Any clues for me?

Also, is there a search function for this forum? I poked around but could not find one.

I haven’t used Mac or Mixbus but are you sure your tracks connected to the master bus?
You might also try removing any plugins you have on it.

The search function is in the top right of the page : “Search this site :”

I have no plug-ins installed and I see that signal is making it to the Master Bus because there is activity on the K Meter and the Tape Saturation meter. But nothing to the Master Out fader and meter.

Yeah, I saw the Search this site box after I posted my original message. It was buried under another sticky window. How embarrassing. :slight_smile:

I’ve been having a similar problem - probably different cause however.

The behavior was that some sessions would occasionally load with a loud audible “click”, the session would then play with all individual channel levels displaying activity except the master output - in some cases both the master & bus channels would be inactive. No audio would pass to the monitors.The master output would have a static, very low level meter reading, which produced no audible sound.

Attempting to reload the session multiple times would reproduce this about 70% of the time, the other times it would load without a problem.

In this instance, the problem turned out to be a plugin. Sonalksis StereoTools. With it removed from the sessions, they load & play fine.

Which version of mixbus are you using?