Mixbus MTC Sync

Hi Ive being trying to get Mixbus to sync to Logic 9 first with no third party software which was not succesfull and then with the help of the Midi patchbay which resulted in very strange behaviour from mixbus, I have allso tried to synch mix bus as master/slave to my MPC with no success…can anyone advise as how to solve these issues?

Deodara… i was able to sync my MV-8800 with Mixbus using PatchBay successfully. What are your setting when sync with MPC?

As a general rule, you should be asking for support from the Harrison email address included in your download email. These forums can be useful for obtaining assistance with Ardour and software based on it (such as Mixbus), but this is not an official support forum and there is no guarantee of any meaningful assistance here. In addition, using our IRC forums will generally produce a much quicker response, in part because people can converse you with in real time. See http://ardour.org/support for information on IRC.