Mixbus forum down / Aux bus latency question

I posted a question on the mixbus forum this morning (no…I don’t think I broke the site :wink: ) but this afternoon not only is the forum not responding (some weird hostgator holding page) but now firefox is offering to download index.php and other nonsense instead of just trying to load it.

Anyhow, anyone having the same experience and is this a planned outage or something more sinister?

For what it’s worth, my question this morning was in response to another poster asking if Mixbus 32C v6 did in fact have full latency compensation across the board, including for aux busses. The v6 manual suggests otherwise, contrary to @x42’s comments. However, my suspicion is it might be a v5 manual erroneous hang-over…

Same here. I heard it though the grapevine that Harrison is updating its web-presence and also switching providers. so this may be some unplanned side effect of a planned outage.

I’ve just flagged this up to Harrison support, but I’m unsure if they’re still in the office.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ve also flagged this up. Maybe copy/edit bug from the old manual… Do you have a link to the incorrect manual page?

Utility Buses - Mixbus 32C v6 - 1 However, it, too, is not loading at present.

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