Mixbus error

I get “(ERROR) state could not be saved to…” after inserting some plugins or just mixing as normal.
I then restart mixbus and continue, but it comes back minutes later. Whats wrong?

It’s caused by the (recent) LV2 libraries used in Ardour / Mixbus - if a plugin does not support state saving.
(the plugin state / settings will still be saved when the session is saved, so the message can normally be considered harmless)

@ Linuxdsp

No, this error occurs on Mac OSX too without any LV2 libraries.
It´s usualy caused by Waves plugins (among others) and those plugins support state saving.
This bug is absolutely annoying, because this message CANNOT be considered harmless !!
You loose all your tweaks, changes even BEFORE this message occurs.
It´s absolutely reproducable and caused by the number of Waves (e.g.) plugins in the project and the time you spend on a session.
If you´ve done many fine automation adjustments and they´re all lost afterwards, that´s a PITA …


Have either of you reported this to Harrison? You need to email them, they do post here on occasion but this is not a official support channel for them.


@MD: In that case there must be something else going on, I was only going on my experience of recent linux versions, which was that when I hadn’t provided an appropriate callback function and definition in the LV2 manifest files for (an LV2 plugin) I got similar messages on the console terminal.