Mixbus, cool! But can I have some help.

I love mixbus, but its a little short on reverbs delays etc. Guess I need some plug ins.

There is one other major thing, I like using Superior Drummer etc AU instruments to make music, is there a way I can get these to work with Mixbus/Ardour?

Hi there,

I’m using Mixbus and just having an i5 Hackintosh system built up almost exactly like your set up. I’m considering which Audio interface to go with - whats your experience of the MOTU 828 with the Hack and Mixbus ? Would love to hear your views


There is no MIDI support in Mixbus(Other than control surfaces), thus VIs would be a bit pointless. You can route from a virtual instrument host or standalone program INTO mixbus however.


Does Mixbus support VST plugins?

geeheeb: Ardour does not support VST plugins in Mac OSX, so Mixbus won’t neither.


Mixbus supports AU plugins for audio processing. It also (I believe, haven’t double checked lately) supports LADSPA plugins. Not sure about LV2 but I wouldn’t bet on it just because of a severe lack of them for OS X at this time.


What about the VST enabler from Audacity?

I think it states somewhere in the forums that having the VST enabler installed on OSX will cause Ardour to crash at launch.

Just confirmed on my machine.

thanks everyone for the answers!


Well, I don’t understand no more: does Mixbus run LADSPA plugins or not because it would be a great loss if I couldn’t use all those great SWH or TAP plugins no more with Mixbus (since Ardour can run AU and LADSPA simultaneously !).

Did someone tried this ?


I believe it does, but have not personally tested it. However the SWH plugins have a few issues on OS X that may prevent them from being useful until their init procedure is updated.


For me the LADSPAplugins in Mixbus work as well as in the normal version of Ardour.


Great !

Well, I buy it immediatly !

Thanks for answers,

I first got Mixbus and was trying to figure out about the LADSPA plugins for Mac OSX.

I managed to figure out that the LADSPA plugins will work but you have to make sure that you have a build that will work on your system. You could build them yourself if the source code is available if you have the know how, I do not.

So what I did was download the mac OSX Intel install for Ardour and installed it. Then I right clicked and viewed the package contents of the Ardour program package in my Applications folder. Then I copied the the contents of the plugins folder to /Library/Audio/Plugins/LADSPA.

So far, all of the plugins I have tested work in Mixbus.

My system - Intel Core i5 Hackintosh, OSX 10.6.4, Mixbus 1.4.1, MOTU 828 Mk2.

Correct, most LADSPA plugins will work fine, provided they are up to date and compiled correctly obviously.