Mixbus control surface problems


I’ve been trying to use my Euphonix MC Mix with Mixbus but just can’t seem to get it to work. First of all I had to make a change to the Info.plist of Mixbus.app since Eucon is configured per-application and can behave different based on which application is in focus. The CFBundleExecutable and CFBundleName still say Ardour2 in the Info.plist, which doesn’t correspond to the Mixbus application name. After changing this, I can see that Eucon correctly detects Mixbus being in focus and when I use the faders it sends out the correct messages on the detected midi ports (I checked by looking through Bidule with midi monitoring on).

However, now that this is done, I’m totally clueless how to get Mixbus to react to the controller. When I select Mackie from the Control Surfaces menu I see the following error message:
[ERROR]: Error instantiating MackieControlProtocol: The Mackie MCU driver will not use a port with device=ardour
[ERROR]: control protocol name “Mackie” could not be initialized

I also can’t figure out how to actually route the virtual Eucon MIDI ports so that Mixbus would receive them. JackOSX only seems to allow audio connections to be jouted. The Ardour2 docs refer to a midi tab in the Jack connections dialog, but I think that this only applies to Linux and not to OSX.

Any tips how to get this working?

Thanks for the help,


Right after posting this message, Seablade helped me out on IRC and I got all my problems resolved. It involved making a change to ~/.ardour2/ardour.rc to replace <MIDI-port tag=“mcu” device=“ardour” mode=“duplex” type=“coremidi”/> with <MIDI-port tag=“mcu” device=“coremidi” mode=“duplex” type=“coremidi”/>

He has a handy automator script available to make this a one click process. This is supposedly already fixed in the latest release of Ardour and should make it into the next Mixbus release.