MIXBUS automation mistery

Hallo, I’m a new member and an happy Mixbus 32c v5.1 user.

I started to move the controller #2 at bar 17 with manual automation mode, and after I moved the first points (the red ones) .What’s happening here??? Why after an automation recorded with a midi controller I can’t edit anymore???
Why the line is horizonthal and vertical ???
I hope to find someone that tell me about some hidden settings or tricks to get solutions…

You need to switch from “play” to “change” in the automation mode. Not sure about those funny jumps, though. If course they can happen if you got a controller that is not at the same fader position then the automation. You touch the fader and it starts sending at it’s current position, not at ardour’s position. But I’m not sure, I don’t use hardware controllers.