mixbus/ardour zoom out while playing problem

Hello there,
having some problems while I zoom out when Im playing the tracks(only happens if Im playing the song/track), my horizontal bar goes all the way to the right and also all of my tracks have moved to the right. has anyone had this problem?
IM using macbook pro and using the touchpad. also I assigned key “z” to zoom in and key “<” (left to z) to zoom out, could that be the problem? if so how do I correct this or how do I reset the keybindings in mac osx?

cheers to you all

Hmm it is conceivable that the keybindings could do it, but also check what your zoom focus point is as well.


All Ardour settings are stored per user in ~/.ardour2 Finder won’t show this by default, but if you press SHIFT+APPLE+G which is the shortcut for Go To Folder in Finder, and then type in ‘~/.ardour2’ without the quotes of course, it will take you there. Keybindings are in the ardour.bindings file, which if you just remove should be regereated automatically IIRC and will restore back to default all keybindings. This is probably the quickest and easiest way, feel free to make a backup before you do this though in case you forget what any of yours were.


Brilliant Seablade, that did the trick! I feel that the zooming error is just happening in the mixbus version so maybe I should just contact the mixbus makers, although they don’t have a forum… what to do , what to do? but I just am using ardour now to sample and make the recordings and try to mix in mixbus althought this is really annoying.

thanks again seablade!



When you purchased mixbus you got an email address for Harrison support. You can also get on IRC and chat with the devs and other users like myself in realtime by going to Help>Chat in Mixbus. The best time to catch anyone though is during the business day M-F EST. Otherwise just email the support and they will take care of it.

On the topic of your problem, is the zoom working well now or no? If not, did you check the zoom settings? Would love to see a screen capture if you get a moment. Have fun!



now the zooming seems to work and is not doing the same as before, is it possible that I assigned some keys to do two differnt things or is it that if you assign the key it stops working as something else?
Nice, I shall start using the Irc more, seems to be a great way and perhaps much better way for you genius helping guys to help us beginners :slight_smile:
I’ll get a picture of the screen as soon as or if it happens to me again.
really strange and of course when I want to take screen picture it doesn’t happen again haha

cheers to you mate

is it possible that I assigned some keys to do two differnt things or is it that if you assign the key it stops working as something else?

In general it should be that they stop working on something else. However there is a catch to this, in that the original operation needs to be in the Keybindings window, and in order to do that needs to exist as a menu item somewhere, so that it can be rebound. I believe there may be a few operations this is not true with, and thus you can’t rebind those keybindings, so maybe that is the issue. Not sure on this though.

Have fun!