Mixbus & Ardour on the same machine?

Are there known issues installing Ardour on a machine already running Mixbus 7.2? Do they collide or are they completely separate.

I will not be running both at the same time. This is about finding VSTs that work in one or the other for my needs.

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Long time no see, welcome back Mark.

They are totally distinct, as different from each other as Ardour and Inkscape (in terms of their interaction with your system).

Thanks for the welcome Paul. It has been a long, long time.

Thanks for the info. I don’t actually do much recording anymore but sort of got the itch. I’m having trouble with HALion 7 VST recognition within Mixbus and wanted to see if it was any different under Ardour.

Note that I’m troubled that I might end up using Windows for anything so this is me just sticking my toe in the water.

Plugin handling (as most everything else) will be more or less identical in Ardour and Mixbus.

The one notable difference is that Mixbus has a fairly rigid concept of mono/stereo routing whereas Ardour is prepared to be more … flexible. Not sure that would impact Halion.

Hi Mark_Knecht, I have both daws installed on my linux ubuntustidio 22.04 system and they don’t give me any kind of problem between them, maybe if you use windows vst (adapted for example with linvst or yabridge) it would be better to have separate folders In case you make vst changes in one daw, they don’t affect the other and also save the sessions in separate folders for each daw, although you probably already do it that way, regards.

Thanks for the reply and the information. I do appreciate it.

My interest in anything Windows based is simply for stem generation from MIDI and VSTs. I don’t require anything real-time to do that. Once I have the stems I would do any mixing in Linux.

It turns out the HALion problem I was having was, I think, real but not overly serious. I’ve reported it to Harrison for them to look at. Basically, after installing HALion I have to register it with the Mixbus plugin manager which hangs up. After killing the program HALion is installed and available as a plugin but the terminal window in the upper right (where you hit the little LED to read it) shows bad paths to the VST. Still the VST can be added to a MIDI track and as best I can tell works perfectly.

I had heard about yabridge but not linvst. If I ever get to feeling I need a VST in Linux I’ll check them out but these days I’m sort of too old, too tired and lacking enough time and energy to deal with building code from scratch and trying to debug it. Still, it would be nice so thanks for the info.


There are native Linux VST plugins, so really the fully qualified statement should be “…need a Windows VST in Linux.” If you get that feeling, first check the creator of the VST to see if there is a native Linux build available. Maybe there will be and save all the hassle of setting up the bridge/translator program.

Fair enough. Certainly Linux VST’s exist and as a Mixbus user there’s lots of them packaged with the install and I’ve purchased a number of others from Harrison and from the x42 group.

That said, at this time I’m focused on either VSTs that are pretty unique (Scaler 2.7 for instance) or really don’t have anything in Linux that meets my needs such as a real replacement for GigaSampler. (I do know about LinuxSamper but it doesn’t work well enough to meet my needs.)

Anyway, I acknowledge your point as well taken.


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