Mixbus and Ardour 6 this month?

Pretty much yes, it’s intended to remind you of the overall mix decisions for a given export.
It also doesn’t capture automation at all, so there’s that.

Ha, I hadn’t even considered that :slight_smile: Not that I use much if any. Having said this, only yesterday I automated noise repellent to activate only on the tops and tails of regions. So, yeah. Nostalgia it is then (and pretty at that!).

Good question. I can think of a few use cases (e.g., in the unlikely situation where you’re using Mixbus for live sound with multiple acts, taking an image of the mixer during a soundcheck could help you resurrect those settings during the actual gig but on the other hand you could also take a snapshot and call it up.

And another use case is as a second backup or a visual reference that sits in the export folder with the exported file. I use snapshots a lot, and I try to give them informative names rather than just timestamps, although the timestamps help you match snapshots to exports if you add timestamps to your exports (which i always do). But I could see how having the mixer image could be a simpler thing to refer to, especially if you print it or save it to the cloud and can call it up on a phone or tablet while listening to the mix in another daw or a music player.

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