MixBus and Apogee Duet

Is there anybody succeeded in using MixBus with Apogee Duet on a iMac.
Everything works fine recording in Garage Band but just can’t record in MixBus.

Any help will be appreciated.
I have been at the problem for the past three days.

Yep! you did it again. It is working.
I would never guessed to put a check mark on Hog ;o)

While I am here might as well ask you another one.
Before I bought MixBus, I bought Spectronic’s Stylus RMX which I am not able to use in MixBus.
Just hoping that it is not another checkmark to put somewhere ;o)
So is there a way to make it work or the feature will be available in the next version or so?

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Thanks for the help.
Unfortunately, I did not see Stylus RMX in AULab.
But I found a way around.
I am using Logic. I sync with Mixbus and record Logic output.
Also there is AAF bouncing solution and ArdourXchange which gives me the advantage to import separate tracks.
This a work around till Mixbus/Ardour support AU instruments.

You have been most helpfull. Thanks

Thanks Johan for your input.
I managed to extract AUlab from my Leopard DVD using Pacifist.
I also succeeded in loading Stylus RMX in AUlab but unable to link it to MixBus.
I can see Jack router available as an audio device which I select.
I also checked “Hog” under Jack Pilot preferences.
My AUlab version his 1.0 (1.0)

Any clue…


Thank for your answers.
Just to let you know, I was helping my son which have an iMac with Duet.
Myself have a Mac Pro with Apogee Rosetta 200 as interface.
I did a lot of test with MixBus, Logic and Protools.
I can record my drums (Stylus RMX) from Logic or Protools into MixBuss but iti is quite a procedure.
Looking forward for version 3.
Thank you for the advice on upgrading Jack.

Best regards

For the record, Ardour3 which is currently in development is adding MIDI support in, if/when this gets incorporated into Mixbus is Harrison’s call as they will want to make sure it is properly stable first I am certain.



if you have installed the Developertools from the Installerdisk of your mac,
in the folder ‘Audio’ you can find AUlab you can use that to host your
virtual instruments and use Jack to feed them into Mixbus/Ardour.
It’s free and it works …for me.


Ahh that one is a bit different I am afraid. I am not familiar with that exact piece of software, but looking at the product description I would bet that it is a virtual instrument, which as Mixbus doesn’t support those as it has no MIDI capability, it doesn’t show them(Each AU plugin classifies itself). Tell me, is it usable with a DAW that doesn’t support MIDI? I know there have been one or two, I think drum replacement plugs like this, if this falls into that very narrow category then maybe an exception can be made but it would still be something to talk to Harrison directly about(the support email is in the documentation that came with Mixbus)


PS It would probably be worth upgrading to the new version of Jack when it comes out so that you don’t need to enable HOG mode for your Apogee. A downside of this mode is you need to set up Maestro however you want before you enable Jack, as Maestro will stop working while Jack is in HOG mode, this is fixed in the new version of Jack that is to be released so that HOG mode doesn’t need to be enabled, and as a result Maestro works as expected.


2 things for you, one is that you can use it already if you utilize JackPilot and enable HOG mode in the preferences. The second thing is that even this is unnecessary in the next release of Jack as letz has already fixed it and I tested to ensure it works fine here and didn’t have a problem.


Sorry for the late reply, no internet for the past week.
how I do it:
-start JackOSX
-start and set up HarrisonMixbus
-start AUlab
-in AUlab choose jackrouter as the audiodevice
-setup your AUlab instruments
-in HMixbus go to mixerwindow, on the track(s) you want to record your stuff to,
select the second button from the top, choose edit,
a new window opens, on the right hand side I see three tabs, AUlab, Ardour & System,
choose the AUlab tab and select the input you wish to use,
it should pop up in the left part of the window
remove the unwanted input(s) eg ‘system capture’ in the left side of the window
by clicking on it (them).
-still in the mixer window,
preview your levels by either clicking on record if the channel level meter is set to post,
or click the button at the bottom next to the level meter
and choose ‘input’(from ‘post’, ‘pre’ & ‘input’)
please note I have used this only to record manually played softsynths.

hope this helps
best Johan