Mixbus 6 released

I received a welcome email from Harrison letting me know that Mixbus 6 (regular) has been released. For the $19 upgrade it is a bargain. Yes, I now also have 32C but I see it as further supporting the development of both the Mixbus series and Ardour. I guess Harrison has not gotten around to updating the website as yet but the email purchase link worked as expected.

Again, congrats to all on a stellar release. Looking forward to Ardour 6 when it is officially released!


They posted a youtube about it today: https://youtu.be/GtylQno0ons

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There are also some users who prefer regular Mixbus for some mixes (despite having 32C) for various reasons.

Fair play. Regular Mixbus was the first one I used so it will also definitely remain part of my arsenal. However, once users see the power of the EQ, extra layer of busses (32C v6) and panning options, it might be difficult for them to go back! For upcoming mixes/masters I may just have to flip a coin :wink:

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