Mixbus 2.0.2 window maximising issue in Ubuntu 11.04


I have upgraded to Mixbus 2.0.2 recently, and love it. However, I run two screens, where I have the main waveform window on the larger screen (external 1080p monitor), and the mixer window on the smaller screen (laptop screen 1280 x 800). I am running Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity Desktop,

Problem is, when I maximise the mixer window on the smaller screen (my laptop screen), the window takes up more space than the screen. The same occurs when I try to maximise the waveform window on the smaller screen. However, there are no maximising issues on the larger screen (an external 1080p monitor).

These errors do not occur with any other programs, therefore it must be an issue with Mixbus (ardour) figuring out the virtual desktop size incorrectly…

Any ideas how I would go about doing this??



@leisuresuitgreg: harrison are working on a fix for some issues related to this, but it would be useful to confirm whether or not ardour2 behaves in the same. In addition, when you say “maximise” do you mean via the window manager controls, or using an ardour binding?

Hi Paul, thanks for the quick response.

The maximise is done by the window manager. I will install Ardour 2 over the weekend and see if I get the same issue


I installed Ardour2 (I previously had the beta version of Ardour3 only), and this does not have the same maximising issues. So it only seems to be with Mixbus