Mixbus 10 busses do not show plug-in (proc) on mixer

I am posting here because mixbus forums do not allow pics. I hope that is OK.

1366x768 screen. I am unable to get the plug-in boxes to show on the mixer strip. V9, V8, V7 all worked fine.

I manually edited the mixer scale to 0.56 in an attempt to make room, and that did not work.

Suggestions ?

You can attach pictures after your 5th post on the mixbus forum.

768 pixels screen height is far below the minimum (960) or suggested (1200) pixel height. Although it looks like there should be room for plugins there, you really need a higher-resolution monitor to use Mixbus.


Thank you for the reponse. This is a laptop. I cannot update the video. It still works well and does not need to be replaced yet.

Just an FYI, I rotated my desktop in Windows (CTRL-ALT-LeftCursor), which would give enough height in pixels, and I am still unable to view the proc on busses.

That is likely a bug. v10 has some logic to decide what elements can be visible depending on the screen height (and it assumes a min. height of 960px). Likely rotation the screen does not swap reported width/height.

You’re not the only person who is not happy with the current behavior, but for now we have to live with it. Maybe we can convince @BenLoftis to refine this behavior for version 10.1, or add some override switch for tiny screens. - I do however understand that higher focus will be on supporting more commonly used large displays and HiDPI screens.

PS. Can you show the processor box when you hide the Input/Comments?

No. The pic I posted shows comments, but I toggled the Input / Comments off and I am still unable to view the proc under any circumstances. V9 and V10 seem similar enough that I would assume they would both work. V9 32C works just fine.

I am totally unable to add effects to the busses. Tracks PROC works fine.

Yes, a ‘Tiny Screen’ option would be beneficial. This PC can still handle the DSP at a low latency with multiple plug ins and tracks just fine. It is stable and all works well for what it is.

Thank you for your support.

You may want to consider an additional screen. There’s some decent portable monitors around for not that much money. Most are 1080p, which would be enough, but if you want 1200p, they are available too (the main factors being price and portability).

Here’s a random example from Amazon:




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