Mix of Punk, metal, and hip hop.

Before I used Ardour 3 I was a MAGIX music maker user… Yeah I know, silly right?
But I am incredibly happy with Ardour, being trained in protools I found it all really familar (and a lot of stuff I prefer over PT). I thank you guys so much for all the help, ardour has completely refined my recording/ producing techniques.

Anyway, here are some songs I’ve made with ardour, using almost %100 only calf-plugins (because I can’t seem to find more that are really helpful at this point), and they range from Punk to Hip hop and rave. All these songs are recorded with real instruments (except for drums which for the most part, were done in Hydrogen.

Hip Hop/ rave/ trance/ psychedellic;


Punk (real drums, not multi-tracked);

alternative; (multi-tracked live band)



^earlier work

And hopefully there will be more to come :slight_smile:

I was wondering, if anyone could give me some tricks and hits towards creating weird, odd and interesting noises, something along the lines of good plugins, and ways to use them.

Thank you very much.