Mix Groups

Hello folks, I was wondering how to adjust a member of a mix group independently from the other members.

For example Let’s say I have three tracks mixed and grouped. I want to fade all three tracks and then bring up the middle one.

Bad example, but I think you get the point. In Pro Tools I can do this my holding control, that allows me to move a member of a group independently

@hanzomon4: no. the opposite shortcut exists (“apply to group even though group is disabled”) for some operations. but not the one you want. please file it as a feature request so that its not forgotten.

So no keybd shortcut that will allow me to do this?

Remove the member from the group temporarily, or disable the group temporarily.

If you are looking to do this via automation, enable the group to write the grouped automation, then disable it to write the tracks automation.


On a similar topic, is there a “create group” key command? Or, a way to select multiple channels in the mix window and then apply an action to all selected? (For instance, in pro tools I would select one channel, then (shift) select another channel to select all in between, and I could create a group of selected channels without having to individually assign each channel one by one). Thanks for the help,

scottvelazco: the short answer is no. the longer answer is that (1) many operations apply to all selected tracks anyway (2) we have edit and mix groups which are easy to create (though not from the currently selected set of tracks) and serve the same kind of role as in protools (3) a lot of this has been reexamined and altered in ardour 3.0 (not yet released).

Thanks for the quick reply, Paul. Great job staying connected to your users.