Mix from live show

An original number from Gunhild Carling (my wife) with strings.

With video of the event.


Very cool, she is a very good musician with a lot of feel. Coincidence, a few days ago I watched and enjoyed a TED video from here.


Excellent! Wow, what a great performance! You must make a perfect music production pair… writer, performer, soloist, producer, recording engineer and video editor. Quite a potent combination of talents. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, nice to see Ardour doing some work in this genre.

Thanks for watching and commenting!

I think I have a much easier time than most of the other guys here not composing and doing midi. The most demanding thing I do is setting up a click track for overdub recordings and that is rare. Most of my recordings are done the old way of playing live all together.
We actually did a OBS broadcast last winter running the live sound through Ardour with effect and mixing live with the Ardour mixer. Normally we do live broadcasts using a hardware mixer but as a minimal solution it worked great. Ardour on Linux is really a good platforms nowadays.

very great performance,many compliments :slight_smile:

I saw Gunhild Carling for the first time a couple of years ago on SVT while learning Swedish, it may have been either “Dansbandskampen” or “Så ska det låta”. I was highly impressed by her performance and her passion.

Tack så mycket och grattis!