Mistake in German translation / maybe emprovement for English too?

I am not sure where to put this… Is this to be reported in Mantis? Thanks for your advice:

There is a mistake in the German menu:
Edit / Fade / Fade In Length
is translated to:
Bearbeiten / Fade / Fade-In bis Positionsanzeiger

That literally means “Fade In to Playhead” and that is wrong, because the fade is done to the Edit Point.

So the solution could be: “Fade-In-Länge” (English: Fade In Length), or maybe “Fade-In setzen” (English: Set Fade In), or maybe “Fade-In bis Arbeitspunkt” (English: Fade In to Edit Point).

Quite honestly, the last option would be most logical IMHO, even for the English version!?

Thanks for your attention!

Definitely put this in Mantis. Thanks.


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