Missing plug-ins on upgrade install

When I play some of my songs from Ardour 6.9 with 7.3 I get messages saying can’t find plugin (x)will fill with a stub. I know I have Installed additional plugins to my 6.9 , (where the pieces were made.) What is the easiest way to gain access to these extra plugins I have installed in 6.9 when using the newer version? BTW I wanted to title the topic “missing plugins” but, the site keeps giving me an error message “words contain too many repeated letters”. So it won’t let that title post.

It is possible that your plugin path on 6.9 and 7.3 are not set to the same.

This assumes you are running it on the same system with the same plugins installed.

If you go into the preferences, you can check the plugin path and add new paths, assuming you know were all the plugins are installed. You can also rescan the plugins and check that they are being processed. You should get a plugin manager window indicating if there are any errors.



i suggest rescanning all plugins via plugin manager in recent Ardour version, then confirm that missing plugin is present on the list (after scan) and proceed re-loading the project in doubt

Yea no idea why it won’t let you title it that other than it wants more detailed description? Either way I have edited it to reflect the topic.

Thank you I’ll try that. The plugin was my favorite compressor and almost all of my songs use it.

Thank you very much. It seems a simple thank you is not enough characters so it sent back my reply. Sorry I was just trying to be polite.

Thank you

It seems the plugins were the Linux Studio plugins I had installed before. New! The plugins are missing from my entire system. 6.9 7.3 doesn’t matter plugins I used are not here anymore. I tried to reinstall them but can’t do it yet , I get errors .